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The 2014 State of the Union Address called for an across-the-board review of America’s job training programs to unite them around a core mission: train Americans to have the skills employers need, and match them to jobs needing candidates right now. The Administration laid out a job-driven checklist “to help job seekers prepare for in-demand jobs and careers”.

The current Administration has pledged to create 25 million new American jobs, and The tdp Foundation believes that job training will be integral to this goal.

In response to these calls to action, the foundation’s first program, Sustained Training & Employment Program (STEP), is focused on employment readiness and employment. STEP prepares unemployed or underemployed young adults for lifelong work success through a unique training project that is job-driven and employment sustainability focused.

STEP incorporates four critical elements:

  1. Strong employer engagement
  2. Work-based learning approaches
  3. Better use of labor market information
  4. Accountability for employment outcomes

STEP’s goals are to:

  • partner with private sector employers to ensure training is focused on the latest needs of employers and long-term employment opportunities;
  • collaborate with federal, state, and local employment agencies as sources for participants;
  • apply data analytics to monitor industries for skill needs, job creation, and salary/earning potential; and
  • measure and evaluate employment outcomes such as placement, retention, and earnings.



Participants and employers will sign a 24-month commitment agreement. This ensures that:

  • participants are committed to the training and the employment opportunity; and
  • employers provide long-term employment and fully participate in the follow-on coaching and evaluation once a participant is placed in employment.

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